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Th? Federal Housing Administration (FHA) runs sev?r?l programs t? promote h?m? ownership. Th??e programs ?r? popular b?cau?? th?? ?ll?w borrowers to bu? ? h?m? w?th ? smaller d?wn payment th?n is required b? mo?t ?th?r lenders. FHA loans m?k? ?t easier f?r p?opl? t? qualify f?r ? mortgage, but they’re n?t for everybody.

What i? ?n FHA Loan?

An FHA loan ?? ? loan insured ?g?in?t default b? the FHA. In oth?r words, th? FHA guarantees that a lender won’t have t? wr?t? ?ff ? loan ?f the borrower defaults – th? FHA w?ll pa?. ??c?u?? of th?? guarantee, lenders ?r? willing t? m?k? larg? mortgage loans.

Who Qualifies for ? Loan?

Almost anybody c?n qualify f?r ? loan. ?h?r? ?re n? income limits – l?k? y?u m?? f?nd w?th first t?m? h?m? buyer programs. ??wever, th?r? ?re limits ?n h?w much ??u c?n borrow. In g?n?r?l, you’re limited t? modest loan amounts relative t? home prices ?n ??ur ?r??. ?o f?nd th? limits ?n ??ur r?gi?n, v???t HUD’s Website.

To qualify f?r ?n FHA loan, you’ll n??d t? h?v? reasonable debt t? income ratios. In g?neral, ?ou h?v? t? b? bett?r th?n 29/41, but som? programs ?llow up t? 55%. In ?ddit??n, ??u h?v? t? h?ve decent credit. You don’t n?ed outstanding credit t? get ?n FHA loan; ?t ju?t needs t? b? decent.

Why ?r? FHA Loans ?o Great?

These loans ?r? n?t perfect, but the? ?r? ? gr??t h?lp t? ??m? borrowers. ?h?y ?llow peopl? t? bu? ? h?m? w?th ? down payment as ?m?ll ?? 3.5%. Oth?r loan programs generally require a much larger down payment.

FHA offers ? f?w ?th?r bells ?nd whistles ?? well:

Easier t? u?? gifts f?r d?wn payment and closing costs

No prepayment penalty (a big plus for subprime borrowers)

An FHA loan ma? be assumable

Possible leniency dur?ng financial h?rd times

Funding for h?m? improvement (through FHA 203k programs)

How d? FHA Loans Work?

The FHA promises t? p?y lenders ?f ? borrower defaults ?n ?n FHA loan. ?? fund th?? obligation, the FHA charges borrowers ? fee. H?m? buyers wh? u?? FHA loans p?? ?n upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) of 1%. ?h?? ?l?? p?y a modest ongoing fee with ??ch monthly payment.

If ? borrower defaults ?n ?n FHA loan, th? FHA uses collected insurance premiums t? pa? off the mortgage.

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