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Aldine, Texas located in Harris County, is conveniently located near the city of Houston: approximately 10 miles! The city is home to many persons involved in the manufacturing and construction trades. The area employs many male workers in the industries mentioned. Female workers make up a good deal of the retail and administrative workforce. The manufacturing industry most prevalent, though, in the local area is that of metallurgy processing.

Keep in mind, if you wish to involve yourself with a heavier populous pertinent to employment and recreational activities; Houston is just around the corner. The commute time is about one-half hour, in order to get into the city of Houston. Houston, again, is located approximately 10 miles away. Workers which inhabit Aldine, Texas employed inside the Houston area make up other types of labor pools. The area is dominated by Houston-commuter residents who work in the fields of education, distribution, and retail or within Houston's massive petroleum chemical industry. The area is a good place to call home for the Houston commuter; as mentioned above. Not only are you afforded with a convenient commute into Houston; there are a good deal of sporting/recreational activities available in Houston and the surrounding area such as movie-going, dining, and shopping--to name a few.

The area continues to grow steadily. It provides the resident with a superior school system; affordable housing, and a sizable inventory of very nice housing opportunities. Not surprising, then, many Houston commuters choose the area as their first choice in way of a place to call home.

The town has a hefty and predominate Hispanic population: well above the state average. The median age range of a town resident is right around twenty-seven years of age. Median household income is $32,126. The population of the area is 15,869. The median value of a home is right around $83,000.

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