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There’s never been a better time in history to refinance your Dallas-Fort Worth home at a low fixed interest rate. Locking in your mortgage rate at a lower level allows you to drop the amount you make in monthly payments, save on expensive interest expenditures and build equity faster in your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

If you currently have an interest rate on your home mortgage that’s higher than the available rates right now, it’s advisable to readjust that rate by initiating a home refinancing. When you lock your home mortgage in at a lower rate, it drops your monthly payments and allows you to do other things with that extra money. You still have to pay off the original loan amount that you originally took out, but the drop in the interest rate lowers the amount of money you pay to the financial institution for lending you the money to buy your home. Obviously, this has many advantages for you the homeowner. Continue reading

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Veterans have been refinancing their home loan in 2011 at a greater rate than in the past. This is primarily due to changes in the law relating to limits on mortgage values that will be coming at the first of … Continue reading

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