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The housing market remains one of the most volatile and important areas of the national economy. It’s worst period in history nearly brought the economic system to its knees several years back but the market is recovering from the brink of disaster. Home loans are at their best quality in decades and bankers are funding mortgages often with an excellent low interest rate. And yet the amount of housing debt on the books nationally is dwindling, leading many to believe those low rates and quality loans are both not helping and not being taken by prospective buyers in good standing. This has led to concern that the housing and banking market is not, in fact, recovering but simply not growing at all and doomed to further failure. In actuality this is far from the truth.

There is nothing to fear about the fact that housing debt nationwide is shrinking. It is simply a product of a new era in home loans where operations are done differently than before, as well as a product of the continued recovery from the housing bust that nearly crippled the economy years ago. That market collapse was the result of a problem involving sub-prime home loans. They were given to Americans who couldn’t necessarily afford them and eventually that caught up to them, resulting in a failure to pay mortgages and eventually mass foreclosures nationwide. What many don’t realize is that once a home loan defaults and the bank forecloses on the property the amount of that loan is removed from the national housing debt tally. Continue reading

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Houston mortgage rates change a lot faster than most people realize. Those people who simply call around every mortgage broker in town and ask what ‘their rate’ is are doing themselves a big disservice. You should absolutely look for the … Continue reading

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Houston mortgages may be easier to get today than most people think, but it may not stay that way. If newly proposed regulations are passed, they could make Houston mortgages a lot harder to qualify and mean a much higher down … Continue reading

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