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Usually when financial times are tough like they are today in this country you don’t see much adversity in mortgage lending. Oh sure, the usual suspects, banks and credit unions will continue to have a tight reign on who the borrowers are and verification of the ever popular FICO scores required in order to avoid the calamity of previous years. But conventional loan refinances are still competitive and refinancing applications still trickle into many lenders. But it’s not the deluge they acknowledged in the past 24 months due mostly to the financial jargon called “cherry picking.” Ergo, if you’re not a member in good standing in the “cherry picking’ crowd, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your refinancing loan.

The fact remains that you can search online everyday and twice on Sunday for the best refinancing, and not come close to locating anything better than an FHA Streamline refinance loan. It’s an amazing loan loaded with a barrel-full of advantages for any current FHA mortgage holder. It’s the quickest way to reach “home base” if you’re still stranded on “3rd base” wishing to replace an existing FHA loan you’ve been suffering with for a year or two with an interest rate you don’t like. Continue reading

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