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The home buyers market depends greatly on the state of the economy. Recently, the economy has shown growth, but many are worried about how strong the recovery is and how long it will continue to increase. As of now, the current state of the economy is yielding a buyers market, which makes now the best time to buy a home. However, many expect the economy to slip and are scared of what will happen to the market if it does.

Today, jobs are being created at record numbers, and more jobs are expected to be created over time. This is making the future seem bright for future home buyers. However, things are still looking a little shaky as the economy is just puttering along. Some experts are recommending that you just dive in before prices on homes rise again. As of now, you can buy a home for a reasonable price and at rock bottom interest rates. Banks and other financial institutions are eager to lend money because of incentives from the federal government. There has never been a better time to secure your stake in the dream of owning a home. Continue reading

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